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Jacquard Scatter Cushion


Making up cushion

Place the iron-on-interfacing on to your cork board adhesive side up. Mark your centre grain line for the warp ribbon and for the weft ribbons, this will make sure all your ribbon weaving is kept straight.

Warp Ribbons

Cut the Jacquard ribbon into 5 lengths measuring 33cm (13”) and the Petersham ribbon into 11 lengths measuring 33cm long (13”)

To make up this particular design, place the first Jacquard ribbon16cm in from the left side of the interfacing, pin in place at the top edge and lower edge of your ribbon. Place the first Petersham ribbon side by side to the right side of the Jacquard ribbon and pin in place. Repeat this layout until all the ribbons are in place ending with the Petersham ribbon.

Working on the left hand side of the Jacquard ribbon, pin the 6 remaining Petersham ribbons side by side. There will be 1cm of interfacing left uncovered on either side of the warp ribbons revealing your grain line for the weft ribbons.

Weft Ribbons

Cut the remaining Petersham ribbons and the satin ribbons into 46cm (18”) lengths.

Starting in the centre with the Petersham ribbon, (on your grain line) weave the first weft ribbon, under the petersham ribbon and over the Jacquard to the end of the row, pinning the ribbons firmly in place at each end of the row.

Using the satin ribbon, weave the second weft ribbon under and over, side-by-side, edges close together, to the end of the row.

Continue weaving using one satin ribbon one petersham ribbon alternately in this plain weave for the next six rows until this part of the interfacing is covered.

Turn the weaving around and continue to weave again from the centre in the same pattern, one satin ribbon, one petersham ribbon until the interfacing is now completely covered.


When the weaving is complete, press gently with a dry cloth over the pins, remove pins carefully and press again on the back of the weaving with a damp cloth, making sure the ribbons are well bonded to the interfacing.

Trim weaving to measure 46cm x 33cm (18”x13”), machine around edge 1cm in from edge. Press stitching.

Making up

Place the braiding approximately 16cm in from the edge (along the first warp Jacquard ribbon) and hand stitch in place.

Place your woven panel over your backing fabric, right sides facing, machine around three sides using a 1cm seam allowance, turn cushion through to the right side.

Insert cushion pad. Hand stitch open edge of cushion together.

Hand stitch one decorative tassel to each corner.

View completed cushion